About Melody Coffee

Melody Coffee is a small batch, artisan coffee roaster. We start with the highest quality beans grown by farmers whose integrity and standards for excellence match our own. We use a small vintage German coffee roaster, precise temperature monitoring equipment and the five human senses. We roast and taste until we have created a flavor profile that truly exhibits the quality of the seed. Our work is a process in pursuit of the perfect cup.

Coffee Origins





From the fertile highlands of East Africa come some of the world’s most intriguing and wild coffees.  Traditionally dry-processed, the coffee seed remains in the cherry for a month as it dries in the sun.  These age-old varietals brew distinct, delightfully imbalanced cups marked by berry overtones and a captivating floral body. We choose coffees that are indicative of their region’s growing aesthetic and yet exceptional in quality.


Costa Rica





The equatorial coffees of Latin America are the pinnacle of harmony and refinement. In these lush, humid climates many of the coffees are wet-processed, producing a cleaner, brighter cup that is known for its citrus figure and sweet nuances.



The rustic, earthy coffees of Asia and the South Pacific are known for their heavy body and remarkable freshness. Normally, coffees from this region are not known to be strong single origin offerings because of low altitudes and poor drying methods — however, the Asia Pacific coffees we source have both altitude and excellent drying practices. For us, we can’t help but like the characteristics from this region because they are so different than every other coffee origin.